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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Reminder inspiration is up on the Quoth the Raven website, and I have a new piece of art to show you today.  The theme of "For the Love of Poe" will continue for the next three weeks, and I hope you will create something for this challenge.

One of Edgar Allan Poe's most easily understood poems is Annabel Lee (you can read the poem in its entirety here).  It is a simple poem, said to have been written about his recently deceased wife, Virginia Clemm Poe (although other rather prominent women in Poe's life have claimed that honor).

This was a fun project for me, the basics of which came to me as I lay awake in the early dawn hours.  I seemed to be fixated on the line in the poem which reads "In a kingdom by the sea."  I was remembering a photograph taken by my husband Russ Wallace one morning as we walked along the seashore in Salisbury, Massachusetts.  The beach was abandoned, cold and with only a lone seagull in sight, which seemed oblivious to the crashing waves foretelling of the storm ahead. I asked Russ to print off this photograph in black and white to serve as my background.

For my image, I used a Stampotique Originals stamp designed by Daniel Torrente called Relaxin'.  This stamp reminds me of what I believe Virginia might have been, rather simple, yet regal.  Since Virginia had already died when the poem was written, I wanted her to appear more as a ghost in this project, so I used only the outline of the stamp.

To support the challenge of "For the Love of Poe," I used only the first stanza of the poem, with emphasis on the last two lines:
And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me.
Perfect in my book!  It is not uncommon for a poet's lyrics to be put to music, but I find it a bit strange that Poe's poems have been among them.  Give a listen (here) to Joan Baez, an American folksinger popular in the 1960's and 70's, as she sings "Annabel Lee."

I hope you can find some time this week to get crafty and create something for this fun challenge.  I appreciate your visit and your comment today!


  1. Great job to Mr. Russ for that photo. Perfect for this piece. xox

  2. Oh Kay, that is just so ....... words fail me - perhaps 'perfect' fits this lovely poem, photograph & relaxin'

  3. What a fab collaboration for you and Russ!! This one is so cool!! xoxo

  4. I loved this project. I can take a picture, but I cannot envision things like Kay can. Kay had me change the photo to black and white, then add the poem in the waves and position Poe's name in the dark sand. Oh, and this picture was not taken recently. It must be at least 8 years old, and I had to look through my archive for it. Great piece of art Kay.

  5. Simply BREATHTAKING Kay... Made me smile and cry at the same time, i hope you frame this and keep it somewhere prominent. ArT at it's best.

    Fantastic collaboration between you and Russ, loving the digital elements as well as the heart elements.

    Thank you for a wonderful inspiring post Kay:-) xxx

  6. Awesome Kay ! Love that you have taken that fabulous photo as a background ! Wonderful !
    Corrie x

  7. Wow! This is gorgeous. What a fantastic collaboration, two artists working together to make the perfect piece. (Three artists if we include Edgar). Wouldn't that beach be a treat today with this weather? Thanks for sharing, it is beautiful.

  8. Oh wow Kay - this s marvelous!! I think your method of using the stamp's outline was sheer brilliance! Love it !!

  9. A fantastic card Kay, love love your idea of using your husband photo, and Relaxin' is so perfect here!!! A lovely poem too on this postcard.. Great work my friend! Mwah!

  10. I love this Kay and I love that Stampotique are still in your hands :) xx

  11. hi kay, it is always a bit of an odyssey to come to your blog, as i´m not at Google plus... but i clicked on this photo and i must say this is absolutely right up my alley!! a combination of various of my Hobbies.. i love photographing, stamping, photo editing (the Poem)... thumbs up!! i totally love this.

  12. I love this poem! The photo in the background is wonderful.