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Friday, January 8, 2016


I have not forgotten Edgar Allan Poe by any means, but have chosen to revisit the Quoth the Raven blog this month to honor his birthday. January 19th, to be exact.  Poe lived from 1809 until late 1849, making him 40 years of age when he died, definitely premature by today's standards.

In Poe's short story The Domain of Arnheim he writes of happiness, something that seemed to have eluded him almost his entire life:
In the present darkness and madness of all thought on the great question of the social condition, it is not impossible that man, the individual, under certain unusual and highly fortuitous conditions, may be happy.
It seems rather obvious to me that Poe did not have a "happy" life, but, hopefully, he will have a posthumous happy birthday this year!

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